Practical Kit Design Ideas for your Sports Team

When you are thinking about designing a team uniform or kit you need to consider many things. You need to review both functionality and aesthetics together with the time of the year, the temperature the sport will be played in and if you are playing indoors or outdoors. Such is the advancement of technology in textile design the list is endless on the detail required. Alongside this is the fundamental design and colour combination that team members and supporters alike are so connected to. 

Here at DSsports, we are one of the fastest growing Irish owned sportswear brands. Our products are designed and manufactured with a focus on innovative design, cutting-edge technology, high quality, competitive pricing and outstanding customer care. A well-designed kit not only enhances the team's visual appeal but also contributes to the players' comfort and performance on the field. It also plays a crucial role in team identity and fan engagement. Below are some considerations to think about when creating a sports kit.

The Sport

Choose the kit that is relevant to the sport you are playing. DSsports have products such as shorts, jerseys, weatherproof tops, socks, and other accessories for many different sports including GAA, LGA-Camogie, soccer, rugby, basketball, rowing and athletics. There is also a full training and leisurewear range to compliment the on the field kit. 


Aligned to the first point, think about the functionality of the kit and have the sport's physical demands in mind. The fabric choices are important here; breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and flexibility can all have an impact on players' comfort during a match, so select materials that enhance and don’t hinder performance.

Comfort and Fit

As well as functionality a comfortable well-fitting kit also contributes to the team’s performance. Ensure that the design accounts for different body types, heights and sizes and is flexible for a wide range of movements. 

Colour and Design

Colour and design play a significant role in a team's identity. You may have a traditional kit design and a logo you want to incorporate. If not and you are designing a colour scheme from scratch consider the impact of the colours you choose. Ensure that the chosen colours are visually appealing and complement each other well and are distinguishable from other teams locally, regionally, or nationally that you may be playing against.

Attention to Detail

Our team can help you to make sure you focus on the small details as they can make a big difference. This could be the placement of logos, sponsorships, and other branding elements. 

Embrace Tradition

Ensure your team's identity is well represented. These could be distinctive patterns, symbols, images, colours, logos or fonts that hold special significance for the team or its supporters which contributes to its memorability and creates a strong visual team identity.

Get Buy-in from the Team and its Supporters

If you can ask team members what they want and like and consider their preferences and concerns. By doing this you can hopefully make sure you have a kit that not only looks good but also meets the practical needs of those wearing it. Equally if you can seek opinions from those that support the team, coaching staff, parents, sponsors you can get valuable insights and ensure that the kit and the design resonate with everyone involved.

In conclusion, designing a sports kit involves a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and collaboration and it pays to consider the players and supporters' views, to embrace tradition and consider the team's identity as well as the functionality and comfort of the products themselves. 

DSsports are on a mission to push the boundaries of teamwear with new designs and product innovations. We are continually improving and working with our customers to provide the best service and sportswear to teams in Ireland. 

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